KSRP Represents Cashman Equipment Corporation in Sakonnet River Bridge Trial

While the construction of the Sakonnet River Bridge – the bridge connecting Portsmouth and Tiverton, Rhode Island – has been completed since 2013, litigation continues between the contractor and subcontractors tasked with its construction. Even before trial, this decade long case has already reached the Rhode Island Supreme Court twice. Since October 29, 2019, KSRP Founder Michael Kelly and Partner Jackson Parmenter assisted by Associate, Michael Resnick, have been on trial in Washington County Superior Court representing Cashman Equipment Inc., PB-2011-2488 in this legal battle.

The trial has lasted for nearly four months, and the initial phase of this bifurcated trial concluded on February 21, 2020. This first phase of trial involves a variety of unique construction issues including, but not limited to, delay responsibility, defective engineering and design plans, allegations of defective construction, plan modifications, and the applicability and interpretation of engineering standards and codes, to name a few.

During trial, both sides have presented more than twenty witnesses and thousands of exhibits. Expert witnesses have also testified due to the engineering complexity of the matter. KSRP is proud to represent Cashman Equipment in this matter and continues to be the leading construction law and litigation firm in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.


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