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KSP Law has a proven track record of success in handling all types of business and commercial disputes – ranging from claims for lost profits, non-compete agreements, and business torts to breach of contract matters, specific performance claims and “corporate divorces” between business partners.  Our broad and deep experience in all forms of commercial disputes allows us to pursue our clients’ claims and defenses quickly and efficiently, which enables them to minimize litigation risks, reduce dispute resolution costs, and preserve important business relationships.  When litigation is necessary, we zealously advance our clients’ rights and remedies in the courtroom – including successfully handling many “bet the company” cases to favorable resolutions.

We understand how draining the demands of litigation can be on a company’s financial and managerial goals. Therefore, our objective is to protect our clients’ rights and pursue their best interests while conserving management’s valuable time and resources, so that they can continue to successfully run their businesses.

At KSP Law, we also believe that the practice of successful business and commercial litigation and dispute resolution is not just limited to the courtroom.  We pride ourselves on going beyond one-dimensional representation of clients, as our lawyers regularly provide the practical counsel and advice required to develop appropriate business, litigation, and dispute-resolution strategies.

In addition to our commercial litigation services, KSP Law is also committed to guiding and advising our business clients – from start-ups and modest family-owned companies to large commercial entities – in order to help them achieve their growth and prosperity goals.  We combine our extensive experience with an understanding of your business and your goals to provide legal solutions that deliver maximum impact in a quick and effective manner.

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Business and Commercial Litigation Reviews

Randy Souza has been our company attorney since we started in 1991, and he’s always been an easy phone call away for a one-on-one conversation. Luckily, we’ve only had a few minor issues, which if not addressed and handled immediately, had the potential to escalate. His counsel has always been spot-on and allowed us to do what we do best, run our company.

As a New York-based investor looking to have a real impact on the future of real estate development in the state of Rhode Island, it was important for me to find a legal partner that knows—and knows well—the real estate and construction communities here. KSP Law was able to negotiate and close on a complex and sensitive purchase from a major corporation quickly and effectively—and my business partners and I were able to move forward as planned with the development of Providence G.


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