KSP Obtained Approval for Eight-Unit Permit for Affordable Income Housing in Richmond

KSP recently obtained master, preliminary and final approval for eight (8) unit comprehensive permit for low and moderate affordable income housing in the Town of Richmond, Rhode Island.

The development consisted of two (2) single family residential homes with one (1) being a pre-existing log cabin, which was designated as a low and moderate income unit, as well as two (2) three (3) unit condominium structures with one (1) such unit being designated as a low and moderate income unit.

One of the major issues that served as an obstacle to the development was the development’s impact, if any, on the local aquifer and watershed and any negative impacts on neighbor/abutter wells.

With the assistance of a great team of professionals, including, but not limited to a hydrogeological expert, civil engineer, surveyor, and landscape architect, KSP Law successfully took over for predecessor counsel when the development had experienced a great deal of adversity from the local planning board, as well as the community, and had stalled significantly. KSP Law’s professional, but aggressive, advocacy paved the way for an expeditious approval process.


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